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Heat Management in Windows and Solar panels

In order to achieve the European energy and climate objectives, with the goal of an energy and climate neutral built environment by 2050, it is necessary to reduce energy consumption in buildings as much as possible. In addition, it is important that the remaining energy requirement is covered with locally generated sustainable energy. In this project we focus on increasing the energy-efficiency in buildings via heat management in innovative windows and in solar panels. Hereby we are developing and demonstrating functional films for heat management that are integrated in laminated safety glass for windows as well as in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

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Using Sunlight and Solar Heat

Our innovative heat management films optimize the use of sunlight and solar heat in buildings. The thermochromic films for smart windows enable the use of solar heat for heating in winter. The heat blocking films for solar panels increase the power output and solar energy generation.

Blocking Solar Heat

Our innovative heat management films reduce overheating in buildings and solar panels. The thermochromic films for smart windows block solar heat from entering a building in summer and keep the inside cool. The heat blocking films help keeping solar panels cool and hereby increase power output and lifetime.

Our products

Thermochromic films for smart windows

Within SUNOVATE we develop and demonstrate thermochromic polymer films for laminated safety glass. The polymer films contain thermochromic nano pigments which autonomously change their crystal structure and optical properties at a pre-defined temperature. The final IGUs, where the thermochromic films are combined with standard low-e glazing, can change their solar heat transmission for optimum energy-efficiency in intermediate climate regions.
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Heat blocking films for cool BIPV

Within SUNOVATE we develop and demonstrate heat blocking polymer films as encapsulants for cool building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). The films contain infrared (IR) blocking pigments that block solar radiation, which cannot be harvested by BIPV, and hereby prevent overheating of the solar panels. By preventing overheating, the heat blocking films increase power output and lifetime of solar panels.

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