Introducing Everlam, one of the partners of project Sunovate

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Everlam is a young company in the PVB interlayer sector, the material used to produce laminated safety glass for architectural applications among others. Despite the few years in the market its team holds long time experience in the PVB business. Although, laminated safety glass with PVB interlayers has been in the market already for a long time, not all its potential has been exhausted, in fact the interlayer is the perfect matrix to introduce new functionalities into architectural glazing. For this reason, Everlam is proud to participate in SUNOVATE for the development of thermochromic films that can provide windows with a heat management functionality, all in the frame of the region’s goals to achieve energy and climate neutrality by 2050. In addition, the project reflects the expressed needs of customers that the company would be glad to fulfill in the future.
The thermochromic films are produced by introducing functional materials into the PVB matrix. These materials have the capability to allow heat in at low temperatures and keep the heat out at high temperatures. Everlam provides the SUNOVATE team with its experience in extrusion and dispersion of functional materials to achieve functional PVB interlayers with the final goal of making heat management glazing.

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