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What are the relevant competences and experiences of the organization for the project?

Everlam (LE) produces PVB films and helps customers laminate these films between glass layers to form safety glass. Everlam has experience in adding additional functionality to their PVB films by using pigments / additives to color the films and obtain heat-regulating properties. Everlam has expertise in tailoring the properties of their PVB polymers for specific applications and have extrusion capacity on a lab, pilot and commercial scale. Everlam also has expertise in the characterization of polymers and pigmented films and the processing PVB films in safety glass.

What is the motivation of the organization to participate in the project?

Everlam is continuously looking for PVB value enhancing additives / applications. As Everlam is relatively small in comparison to its immediate competitors, partnerships are always sought in the development of potentially interesting new applications of laminated safety glass.

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