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What are the relevant competences and experiences of the organization for the project?

IMOMEC is an associated lab of IMEC (Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Center, Leuven) and is housed in the buildings of the Institute for Materials Research (IMO), a research center of Hasselt University, with extensive knowledge in the field of materials science. The highly interdisciplinary team of IMOMEC (chemists, physicists, engineers, biomedical researchers) concentrates its joint activities in the field of wide band-gap materials, organic synthesis, materials for electronic applications, basic materials for nanomaterials, nanophysics and electrical, physical and chemical characterization. In doing so, IMOMEC aims to contribute to a sustainable society by participating in (inter) national research programs on energy conversion and storage and in the development of new sustainable materials. The main activity of the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry research group is the study of environmentally friendly chemical methods for the preparation of high-tech nanostructured inorganic materials. On the one hand, a water-based sol-gel method is being developed and successfully optimized for the preparation of conductive and dielectric metal oxide powders and thin films. In addition, the research group is expanding research activities in the preparation via hydrothermal routes and microemulsion methods, and making inorganic nanomaterials applicable.

What is the motivation of the organization to participate in the project?

IMOMEC is an associated lab of IMEC specialized in applied interdisciplinary research in the development of innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world. To this end, we realize technological breakthroughs that can provide a solution to the social challenges of our time and environment, while also ensuring economic added value. Research into materials for energy-related applications is a spearhead within IMOMEC, which is conducting research under IMEC (one of the four partners in ‘Energyville’) that contributes to the prosperity of the region. By participating in the Interreg project SUNOVATE, IMOMEC expects to expand its expertise in the development of sustainable materials to heat-resistant pigments that will be able to selectively filter infrared light from the solar spectrum, whether or not it can be regulated. On the one hand, this research will focus on the chemical synthesis and chemical-structural characterization of starting products, intermediates and end products. In addition, these characteristics will be related to the chemical, morphological, optical or other relevant properties of the material systems as they are to be applied.

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