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What are the relevant competences and experiences of the organization for the project?

Validation of the electrical performance of BIPV installations with the highest accuracy, data analysis and correlation with meteorological parameters. Development of models for the performance of building components including BIPV and their integration into complete buildings in the Modelica IDEAS open-source database. Assessment of user comfort and thermal properties. Test and development of power electronics converters, especially for BIPV applications and DC networks.

What is the motivation of the organization to participate in the project?

In the EnergyVille collaboration, we are working on the urban energy networks of the future. This includes buildings with low energy consumption that also generate some of their own energy. User comfort must be maintained in these buildings. We see the developments of this project as an important contribution to making energy-generating facades more efficient and user-friendly. By incorporating the new features into building design models, we want to facilitate their implementation. In addition, students will be trained in the possibilities of new material systems for buildings.

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