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What are the relevant competences and experiences of the organization for the project?

Development and production of encapsulants for BIPV panels.

Yparex (SME) produces polymeric resins for bonding all forms of polyolefin-based polymers to other materials, e.g. metals (aluminum, steel, copper) and barrier plastics (e.g. polyamides and ethylene vinyl alcohol). Yparex polymers are widely used, e.g. in multi-layer films for packaging materials, building and construction systems and PV panels. Yparex has expertise in customizing the properties of their polymers for specific applications, and in lab, pilot and commercial scale production. Yparex also has expertise in the characterization of polymers and pigmented films.

What is the motivation of the organization to participate in the project?

Firstly: to gain knowledge about the possibilities to better manage the temperature of the BIPV panel using encapsulants. Secondly, to be able to serve as a supplier of encapsulants for these specific temperature controlled BIPV panels from the very beginning.

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