Reducing energy bills significantly by application of ‘smart windows’

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It is one of the hottest topics of recent months: increasing energy prices. With the changing climate, it is now time to become more sustainable. First to make our world greener and second to save on exploding energy costs.

New possibilities for sustainability

There are many ways to save energy. And fortunately, more and more people and companies are applying these energy-efficient measures. Solar panels have become an indispensable part of the streetscape. Economical high-efficiency boilers have become standard and solar boilers and heat pumps are also gaining in popularity. Soon there will be a new way to smartly heat and cool a room using ‘smart windows’. This innovative technology was developed in the context of the Interreg Sunovate project by research institute TNO and its partners.

Innovative SunSmart technology

The smart window uses a special technology. Depending on the outside temperature, the window switches automatically between blocking and transmitting solar heat. It is optimized to limit energy consumption in a tempered climate with cold winters and warm summers, such as in the Netherlands.

A promising first pilot

At the end of June, TNO shared the promising results of the first pilot, which started in January of this year. The tests showed that the smart window switches from transmitting to blocking infrared light as soon as direct sunlight hits the window and the ambient temperature increases above 20°C. Switching back from blocking to transmitting usually takes place at night, when the glass surface cools. In this way, solar heat is optimally utilized and less energy is required for both heating and cooling the building. The additional energy and cost savings can be up to 8% and 23.70 €/m² of glass per year compared to the optimum double glazing currently on the market. This means a household could save about €500 per year.

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